Week 4 – The Digital Divide

The digital divide comes to my mind immediately as something that would exist in 3rd world countries. However the digital divide is in fact right here throughout Australia and not as uncommon as one would think. “The new report released on Tuesday shows 97 per cent of those earning $120,000 or more are internet users, compared with 77 per cent of those earning less than $40,000 a year (Sharma, M, 2014)”. These statistics indicate that internet usage is far more prevalent in higher earning families. Those with lower incomes are going to be affected most by the digital divide.

After reading the texts and watching the clip for the week i was then left with several questions in regards to the digital divide. Will bridging the gap also bring together those in different socio economic groups? Will this effect other social issues? lastly will it improve the education system and boost academic results and better our students literacy skills?

digital divide


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