Week 3 – Online Security

Week 3 was all about online security, ways to protect yourself against identity theft, scammers and cyber bullying. As an everyday internet user it is important to know how to protect yourself online. Of course, as a future teacher it will be even more important teaching my students how to stay safe from cyber bullying and identity theft. “One in five Australians have had their identities stolen or had their personal or financial data illegally accessed (Smith & Bossi, 2012)”. Not only are internet users being targeted online for financial information card skimming is now a common form of identity theft. Ways to protect yourself can be found at:


Cyber bullying is a negative side to the digital world. Parents and teachers need to be aware of signs that teens are involved in cyber bullying and teach children ways to stay safe online. Cyber bullying can include, having people set up fake profiles, sending rude or threatening IM messages or emails, posting inappropriate photos online without permission or rumour spreading. The list however goes on. If you know anyone who may be experiencing difficulties with cyber bullying more information can be found at: http://www.humanrights.gov.au/cyberbullying-what-it-and-how-get-help-violence-harassment-and-bullying-fact-sheet




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