Peer reviews and feedback

During week 9 we were to post the link to our wordpress blogs that we had been working on for many weeks. After uploading my URL I received my 2 peer reviews. I found both of these reviews to be extremely helpful. Especially considering my proof reading is not very good and is a skill in which I need to improve upon which was picked up on in my peer reviews. Both of my peer reviews suggested ways of improving my blog and I definitely took onboard the feedback and used that to improve my blog. Feedback was given on areas that needed a little more work and I tried to work with all of the comments that were given to improve my writing style and make my blog more academic yet still keep my own opinion within the blog as it is still a reflection of my learning. Having had my blog reviewed by peers before submission has been a great experience and I have found it useful seeing other students blogs to inspire me in further ways that my own personal blog could be improved upon. Attached below are my reviews from 2 of my peers.

Blog Rubric Peer Marking Emma

Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking – Emma Herrera


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