Week 8 refection on lifelong learning

“Lifelong learning may be broadly defined as learning that is pursued throughout life (llcq, 2013)”. My own understanding of what lifelong learning is to keep learning for the whole period of time which you are alive. This does not have to be learning a new degree or obtaining a phd. I feel like I am learning constantly, everyday. If there is information someone may need, out comes a mobile phone and look something up on google and learn from reading the information i find. Just yesterday I wanted to start knitting therefore I opened youtube and watched a few videos and learnt through doing that. This is where being digitally fluent and knowing where and how to access digital information is vital to lifelong learning. Having been born in the digital age i feel as though i should be able to carry on with learning throughout the rest of my life without to much trouble as technology and i grew up as basically, brother and sister.Lifelong learning is important in all aspects of life.  Learning keeps the mind active and alive. Learning leads to career progression. In my opinion there is no downside in learning new information. I love the fact that I do not know everything and that every day I get to learn something new.


What is lifelong learning, (2013), lifelong learning council queensland inc, retrieved from: http://www.llcq.org.au/01_cms/details.asp?ID=12

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