Week 7 – Digital Blurring

The first task of the week that I wanted to accomplish was to make an arcade game on sploder which was part of the learning activities that had been set for the week. Saying I was nervous was an understatement. After my somewhat dismal attempts at last weeks animation my anxiety was rapidly increasing and was pressure was mounting. However after watching the tutorials and looking through some of the games my peers had made I felt comfortable making the game and really enjoyed the experience. Here is a link to the game that I created on sploder: http://www.sploder.com/?s=d0044jo0.

One might ask what skills do we learn from online gaming and the likes? Most people think that gaming is mind numbing and uneducational, when infact you can develop hand eye coordination as well as motor skills. Games for fine motor skill development can be found all throughout the internet. Here is an example: http://techsavvymama.com/2012/07/poppit-free-online-game-teaches-fine-motor-skills-and-color-matching.html.


This week also had us looking at digital blurring and asking questions such as, what is digital blurring? My understanding of digital blurring is the digital world and our personal world crossing paths.  Lastly we were asked how do these skills transfer into other areas of our life? Skills that are learnt through digital devices or  online can then be carried over and used as we study or begin our careers as teachers.


Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ICTdigital pedagogies for collaboration and creativity. South Melbourne, VIC: Oxford University Press.

Sploder [image] retrieved from: http://www.sploder.com/about.php

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